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Sewing: A School Age Invitation to Learning


Every afternoon we have school age students join us for after school care.  Everyday we try to provide activities that will both interest them and have an educational background.  Another component to our programming is that the students actually do some of the planning of these activities.  This month one of the activities that was planned was to teach basic sewing skills to the Primary students.  Miss Val had the student’s first start by sewing buttons onto napkins.  This allowed them to get the basic understanding of how to stitch buttons.  Once they had practiced with the buttons they moved onto sewing buttons onto felt and fabric.  With this basic skill set the children will be working on larger and more advanced projects later in the month.ImageHere are some of the older Primary students working with a sewing machine. By starting with the beginning sewing skills we are able to work our way up to teaching the children how to work with sewing machines.


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